Mark cadastre parcels on digital map


Group cadastre parcels in production areas

Central console

ONE screen for entering All data

“Time travel”

Analyze production activities and result (yields) over the course of many years.


A necessary tool for efficient planning of all field works, analysis of yields and expenditures.


A necessary tool for efficient planning of all field works, analysis of yields and expenditures.

Download the catalog

Here you can download the catalog, in PDF format, with detailed description of all program functions.

What is

KnjigaPOLJA v1.1 ?

Software application Knjiga_Polja v 1.1,is designed as a tool for planning and monitoring everyday activities in agricultural production.

It is meant to be used as a help in agricultural production, truck farming and fruit production.

All parcels and production areas are monitored on a digital map which presents the base of the main screen of the application, which provides visual help in planning, recording and analysing production activities.

Knjiga_Polja v 1.1 is a significant aid in the planning of crop production because it allows simplified analysis of production activities and monitoring of the achieved results (yields) stored in the database over the past years.

Why the

KnjigaPOLJA v1.1 ?

Precise planning and analysis of production activities leads to less working hours spent.

Analysing data from the past years leads to more precise material consumption planning (fertilizers, pesticides…).

By analyzing data from the past years a more efficient production plan can be created.

Screen review of “daily works” – what has been done, who did it (which employee), which machinery, how many working hours is spent.

A complete review of all production activities, material consumption, working hours spent (men and machinery), comments and observations, soil analysis, yields in one place for any year.

Graphical and chart review of yields by areas.

EASY to use.

Graphical environment – digital map.

Help with introducing ISO and Global GAP standard.

What records does

KnjigaPOLJA v1.1

Cadastre parcels – property, lease and all the following data.

Areas (production parcels) under crops on digital map.

Operations completed during the day on certain areas.

Men and machinery working hours spent.

Intermediate goods consumption (fertilizer, seed, pesticides…)

Appearance of disease, weeds, vermin…

Comments and observations during the entire year.

Yields by crop type and brand.

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Carska Bašta is a company with which we cooperate, successfully and on mutual satisfaction, for many years. As experienced vegetable producers, they realized that it is very important to provide all relevant information on vegetable production. For this reason, we have joined in a new project of web based software KnjigaPolja development for the [...]